Mentee mentoring registration form for business Mentor consultation

Welcome and Thanks for visiting the XO Network for business mentoring purposes. Please use the form below to register as a mentee. Message are private regarding all business consultation. If a mentor referred link please include the location and subject. All members should read, sign, and return the non-disclosure agreement.

ask questionsTune in for answers on new XoRadio app, Interviews, and tips Optional. Android

Our course site is under construction, content is mainly via e-mail and phone. 

Explain any current issues or delays.
Please choose your main focus
Forms for proof of completion / signing should be e-mailed immediately to for filing.
Optional. If you have a website links for site-audit and other SEO tools will be sent
Optional. If none, see e-Book Instagram Unmasked for setup
Optional. IF none we will create one
Choose any services you would like to review for your business growth. Please email your business non disclosure agreement within 48 hours a template is available for FREE search NDA

Due to recent heavy volume please allow response up to 48 hours. Registered members have access to contact us faster. Members can send a message, Browse our sites, sign up for platforms, check out the videos, and join XclusiV Nests Entrepreneur Facebook Groups.

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