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Anquan, a man in his twenties, decides to separate from his wife Janessa after 2 years of marriage. It wasn’t what he envisioned for his life. Anquan dating market journey in search for what he believes is an ideal mate. A younger more attractive woman with NO children. Armed with his two chauvinistic womanizing BEST friends he begins his quest.

author sincere jones
Author Publisher Sincere Jones

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About Author: Sincere Jones is an entrepreneur and author. The founder of Divine Lit Publishing raised in New York City will be providing a guest appearance on XoRadio App for Entrepreneurs and Readers worldwide. Tune in Here , Spreaker, or

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Did he discover his dream wife ?
What do men really think?
Who is really there for you?
Is LOVE easy to just let GO?
What type of females do men categorize? Why?
Get the answers today. Grab Illusions of Happiness

Was leaving Janessa the right decision?
Should Anquan go back to Janessa before it’s too late?

This book is an entertaining tale that explores the difference between loving someone and being in love. And tackles rejection and loneliness while simultaneously addressing real world issues pertaining to men and women’s perception of an ideal mate

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