How to Create ad free video on mobile device transfer PC

Tools from how to create videos of app or mobile activity


Video Hosting Account
YouTube account
Tiny Take for 5 minutes or less videos

For tutorials Paint Program or Canva Paste Descriptions, Add watermark, Save

Mobile Recording tool
No Ads Video Recorder

Hope these tools were helpful, see original post for directions.

Mobile Apps Jobs

Payment made payable to:
If using paypal, please USE that e-mail for contact
App Name and Sample Tutorial Watermark your name in sample videos.
Include app name in comment area, Title Video Game Name_Level_Board.
Include app name in comment area, Title Video Game Name_Level_Board.
Preferred method of payment. Payment cycle is monthly.
Acceptable proof of identification are Passports, Drivers license, Permit, Government ID Card.


Run, Run, or Die (Pirate Stranded on a non-deserted island)


Jake Run Adventures (Kid Adventure Game)

How to Apply for Contract Job

2 videos of different boards.

Include a sample walk through of steps for the boards selected (coins, enemies, tips, and 4 screenshots) , audio of game ON, use for a COOL FREE template for turning your tutorial into a image.

Remember to watermark your submissions. Videos especially.

Winners will be hired and paid to complete the games in story and survival mode.

This will verify experience with video recording, editing, uploads, grammar, YouTube, and mobile apps.

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